Case Study: 250ok

This is a brief summary of my work with 250ok. If you'd like more information about my work with them, please feel free to contact me.

About The Client

250ok Logo 250ok is a email marketing deliverability provider. At the time that they hired us in 2011, they had developed the first version of their SaaS (Software as a Service) application and were preparing to start development on version 2.

Project Goal

At the point that they brought us in, they had found a developer that they really liked from a personal stand point and they wanted to verify that he had the technical skills to succeed at the role.

Timeline: 2011


Eliza performed a one hour technical interview with the candidate, asking both language-specific and general development questions. After completing the phone interview, she compiled a report which included notes from the interview, potential issues/warning signs, and positive signs for this particular hire. Based on her analysis of the candidate’s role at previous companies and his answers to the technical questions, Eliza was able to recommend against this particular candidate, saving the client both time and money.

“In my entrepreneurial software ventures I often have a need to hire a developer but don’t have the technical knowledge to assess whether the person is capable of the technical requirements of the position. On several occasions I have hired Eliza to conduct technical interviews for my businesses. Her interview services have been highly professional, and her objective assessments have been extremely valuable to me and my businesses in making hiring decisions. ”

— David Castor