How Do I Contribute? / Community Involvement


I've spoken at a number of events, including:

I also co-organize Nashville Women Programmers and (previously) the Nashville DevOpsDays conference.

Event Sponsorships

Through my former company, Eliza Brock Software, I sponsored a number of conferences and events, including:

We are also active in teaching up and coming developers through Nashville Software School.

If you're interested in learning to program, we've got a whole page for that right here.

Open Source

I contribute to open source projects via. GitHub.


You can read a little about my students here



As time permits, I am a mentor for the Ruby track on Exercism

(Previously) MentorNet

MentorNet is an online service the connects college students in Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering with professionals working in the field.

(Previously) Class Projects

I have also been a mentor for a Junior Project at my alma mater, Rose-Hulman. Junior Projects are real-world client project undertaken to build project management skills.

Unstructured Mentoring

I also do unstructured mentoring outside of the above venues. I especially enjoy it when I can work with former students- It's lovely seeing their progression over the years.