Case Study: Sitemason

This is a brief summary of my work with Sitemason. If you'd like more information about my work with them, please feel free to contact me.

About The Client

Sitemason Logo Sitemason® is the preferred alternative to WordPress and Drupal for agencies, designers and developers.

Project Goal

I have worked with Sitemason on quite a few projects for their clients and customers. They taught me to program when I was still in high school, and were amongst my first clients when I started freelancing as a teenager! Fast-forward 15+ years, and it’s gratifying to still be working with them!

Timeline: 2002 - 2016


I’ve been working with Sitemason since 2002, so the results must be pretty satisfactory ;) You can see example of the projects we’ve worked with them on by looking at the case studies for Nashville Paw Magazine, Nashville Paw, Coastal Classic, Duncan Security, Sequoia Club and Temple Church.

“Eliza Brock Software is quickly becoming our go-to programmer for Sitemason development. It’s the perfect complement to the design side of our partnerships for the Sitemason CMS platform. When HTML/CSS needs to be programmed as a PHP template for our CMS, there is no one better to do the job quickly and completely. The added benefit of having Eliza Brock Software is Eliza’s thorough understanding of the Sitemason CMS and the best uses of the CMS tools. She can help the stakeholders in a development project understand the most effective approach for optimal results. ”

— Thomas Conner, Co-Founder & President