What I Taught at Nashville Software School:

Do you want to learn?

If you've always wanted to learn to program or are just a little bit curious, I'd be happy to help you learn by working through the programming tutorial of your choice (or I can suggest one based on what you'd like to learn).

Suggestions of good places to start:

What My Students Say:

“Eliza’s teachings are the sole reason that I feel confident in my ability to not only work in Ruby on Rails, but to also help teach it to others.”

— Brandon Lyons, Junior Developer at The Skillery

“During my time at Nashville Software School, Eliza provided high quality technical instruction as well as helpful insights into preparation for entry into entry level developer positions. Her adherence to best practices and encouragement of independent learning were invaluable.”

— Ryan Moret, Quality Assurance Analyst at Change Healthcare

“Eliza masterfully communicated her wealth of knowledge in a way that allowed people with no previous experience to understand and digest the information.”

— Marcus Fulbright, Junior Back-End Developer at iostudio

“I had a time-sensitive Ruby on Rails project to support and though I am a seasoned developer, I had no prior experience with Ruby on Rails. I hired Eliza to bring me up-to-speed quickly. She tutored me over the course of 2-3 weeks for a total of about 20 hours and I was off and running. She is knowledgeable, professional, punctual, and communicates well. I highly recommend her design/development/tutorial services and would be happy to serve as a reference.”

— Hollie Brogunier

My OG Students, back in 2012 :)

I haven't updated the photo gallery since 2012, but I don't mind that much because seeing these bring back happy memories of the first cohorts of students at NSS.